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  • SNOWBOARD WAX - Upcycled fruit skin. Including banana's, oranges and lemons.

    We've had a lot of fun with this one. A 100% ecological snowboard wax, made from beeswax, banana and a few extra ingredients. Our prototype wax fix's well to the ptex base after warming with "grandma's old iron". Comes up with a fantastic shine after scraping and polishing the boards base. Next are the SNOW tests to check out the slide, glide and durability..

  • FOLDING MUSIC STAND and GUITAR HOLDER - Upcycled from an old chair and market trestle table.

    Portable, adjustable (3 positions), durable and keeps your sheet MUSIC where you want it. When finished you can either hang your guitar safe and sound or collapse. Made for SITTING down gigging classical guitarists and such where constant packing, moving and other rough treatment will show it's worth.

  • DRIFTWOOD LAMP - Upcycled from an old wine barrel and bedside lamp.

    So light you think it is floating in thin air. The base of weathered salt water driftwood was found washed up on the beach. It seems to be part of an old wine barrel (not suprising as the Medoc coastline boarders the Atlantic Ocean). It has been polished with bees-wax to bring out the shine. The metal and electrics are upcycled from an old bedside lamp.

  • FREE STANDING EXHIBITION STAND - Upcycled from an old wooden terrace and some fishing rope.

    Feeling resticted in how and when you can do an art exhibition? This could be for you. These self standing colapsable exhibition stands made from an old restaurants wooden terrace are fast to set up (under 2 minuits) flat pack into a car's boot and have a battery powered LED lighting system included in the set up. Ideal for your pop-up exhibitions.


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